Postgraduate Programs

Bassett Medical Center

  • Multispecialty surgery postgraduate PA program.
  • Rotations include two weeks of GYN with option for additional time during electives

General Description: This program was developed in 2005 by surgical physician assistants in multiple subspecialties to train PA’s in surgery to have a well-rounded background in general and specialty areas of surgery. The program is run by physician assistants and attending physicians at Bassett Medical Center including a regional network of four affiliate hospitals and 28 community health centers serving an eight-county region in Central New York. PA’s spend most of their time in Cooperstown, NY at The Mary Imogene Bassett hospital, a 180-bed acute care, and inpatient teaching facility. Bassett has physician residencies in General Surgery, Primary Care, Internal Medicine, and Transitional Year. Read more.

Contact Information:

Kelly Stone, Administrative Manager
Surgery Residency Program
P: 607-547-3202

Mayo Clinic Medical and Surgical Gynecology PA Fellowship (Arizona)

PA Fellowship, Medical and Surgical Gynecology

Contact Information:

Shelly Crosson, PA-C

Fellowship Program Director


Phone number: 480-342-0612

Judy Cimochowski

Education Coordinator


Program Highlights:
Mayo Clinic’s Medical and Surgical Gynecology Physician Assistant Fellowship in Arizona is a comprehensive 12 month didactic and clinical program allowing for exposure to all sub-specialties in gynecology. Our program is the first GYN-only fellowship in the country. During PA school, the required OB/GYN rotation for most students is focused on obstetrics with little experience in GYN. This fellowship will provide you with the knowledge and proficiency in all the GYN sub-specialties preparing you for a skilled career in gynecology. The fellowship includes training in medical gynecology, urogynecology, gynecology oncology, and minimally invasive surgery.

University of Michigan

University of Michigan Sexual Health Certificate Program
(certificate courses/sexual health)

Contact Information:

Valerie Wood, LMSW, CST Co-director
University of Michigan
Sexual Health Certificate Program
P: (734) 763 5723

The mission of the University of Michigan Sexual Health Certificate program is to provide comprehensive education and training to professionals about sexual health. The Certificate Program will address the learning needs of sexuality educators, sexuality counselors, and sex therapists. The Sexual Health Certificate Program believes that sexual health is an important part of every individual's general health. Individuals and couples may experience problems in their sexual health related to psychological, environmental, hormonal, medical or relational facets of sexual health. The goal is to provide excellence in the training of professionals in sexual health education, counseling, and therapy. The Sexual Health Certificate Program provides comprehensive education and training to professionals interested in the field of sexual health in five tracks.

  1. Sexuality Education » (for educators)
  2. Sexuality Counseling » (for health professionals)
  3. Sex Therapy » (for mental health professionals)
  4. Sex Therapy and Sexuality Education » (for mental health professionals and educators)
  5. Sexuality Counseling and Sexuality Education » (for health professionals and educators)

Our program has a 99% completion rate. All reading materials are included with the cost of tuition.

Sex Therapy Training

The University of Michigan Sexual Health Certificate Program (UMSHCP) provides comprehensive education and training to professionals interested in the field of sexual health in five tracks. After completing the course, participants will:

● Implement improved assessment skills in clinical practice

● Implement advanced intervention skills in clinical practice

● Implement enhanced consultation skills in clinical practice

● Link with a peer learning community

● Practice and implement better educational skills in the workplace

AASECT Credits

The five tracks of the program (counselor, therapist and educator) utilize AASECT recommended standards of learning including six courses (90 hours) in sexuality education for all, a specialized values training called the Sexual Attitude Reassessment (SAR—15 hours) for all, and additional hours of training specific to certification credentials in sexuality educator (30 hours), sexuality counselor and sex therapist (60 hours). The program addresses the AASECT certification process throughout the program and assists participants in locating AASECT supervisors and mentors suitable to each participant. At the conclusion, participants receive a certificate indicating the successful completion of the University of Michigan Sexual Health Program; Participants who are interested in receiving AASECT certification will need to apply for certification at the conclusion of the program.

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